Evans Liberty (RWAS *CadlanValley Orlando x *Mynach Frivolity by Eyarth Beau Geste)  Seldom in our over 30 years of raising Welsh Ponies have we had such an incredible colt born.  Liberty is incredibly well bred.  In fact, you will not find a better bred colt in the UK from which both of his parents were imported.  CadlanValley Orlando, Liberty's sire was First Place as a weanling at the prestigious Royal Welsh Show.  Orlando comes from fantastic ponies on both sides of his pedigree.  He passed many of his strong attributes onto this fancy colt.  Not to be outdone, Liberty's dam, *Mynach Frivolity is a direct daughter of the well known Royal Welsh Winner Producer, Eyarth Beau Geste.  Frivolity was imported from the Waxwing Farm in Scotland. 

As in individual, Liberty is stand alone gorgeous.  From his gbeautiful head accentuated by huge eyes, classicly elegant front end, and splendid way of going, this colt is lovely.  $4,500

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Dam: *Mynach Frivolity