*Hilin Trysor (Eyarth Tayma x Hilin Cathryn by Boston Bentick) 2001 - 2012 RIP Beloved One!  When I informed Dewi and Eiran Evans at the Hilin stud that we had lost Trysor, they said, the good ones die young.  I would like to take this space as a tribute to the honest and brave stallion that Trysor was.  He was beautiful and kind.  His foals have always been some of the sweetest to handle combined with Trysor's most excellent movement and grace.  We will always miss you. 

*Hilin Trysor Earth Tayma Carwed Charmer Hilin Caradus
Carwed Pettra
Eyarth Arabella Eyarth Celebration
Weston Twiggy
Hilin Cathryn Boston Bentick Varndell Right Royal
Boston Bodecia
Hilin Royal Cabaret Keston Royal Occasion
Tetworth Cabaret

Foals: Evans Marcus

           Evans Maxmillion

           Evans Maximus

           Evans Mair

           Evans Mercy

           Evans Twilight

           Evans Protocol

           Evans Trysor

           Evans Jade

           Evans The Judgement