*Eyarth Holly (Eyarth Tom Tom x Eyarth Japonica by Eyarth Celebration)  We were so thrilled when we had the opportunity to purchase *Eyarth Holly from the Eyarth Stud.  Theirs is one of my vry favority breeding programs which has stood the test of time, producing consistently outstanding ponies through the years.  When we started looking at farms in the UK we wanted to base our bloodlines, many of the pedigrees led straight back to Eyarth.  Holly has a strong Eyarth pedigree with three crosses to Eyarth Celebration plus many other greats in her pedigree.  Here on the farm, Holly is the epitome of a Welsh lady - beautiful, gentle and kind.  2013 marked her first foal who is brilliant. 


Evans Aspen, Holly's 2013 colt by Evans Asher by RWAS *Wedderlie Maradonna


*Eyarth Holly Eyarth Tom Tom Eyarth Tomahawk Penwood Milan
Eyarth Zsa Zsa
Carwed Prima Donna Eyarth Celebration
Carwed Pettra
Eyarth Japonica Eyarth Celebration Keston Royal Occasion
Leighon Glamour
Mefydd Autuma Bracken Brockwell Chuckle
Downland Autumn


Sire: Eyarth Tom Tom


TomTom 1.jpg