(Evans Asher by *Wedderlie Maradonna x Evans Circe Du Mystere by Bristol Victorio) 2013 Section B Bay Gelding will mature 12.2hh

Circe is that gelding you will love a life-time.  He is sweet and friendly, loves attention, and has all the ability in the world.  He is such a stunning combination of his sire and dam, inheriting great beauty from his sire and additional substance from his dam.  The Bristol Victorio's daughter's are amazing producers and this young pony is a great example of that.  This nice pony represents in investment in the future.

Evans Circe Evans Asher *Wedderlie Maradonna Eyarth Beau Geste
Wedderlie Marianne
*Telynau Miss Regina Thornberry Gamekeeper
Evans Circe Du Mystere Bristol Victorio Rosmel Cotillion
Lithgow Wisnik
*Baledon Almond Blossom Lemonshill Hylight
Twycross Almond

Sire: Evans Asher

Dam: Evans Circe Du Mystere