(RWAS *Mynach Mystical x LOM Clanfair Martina by RWAS *Wedderlie Mardi Gras)

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Clanfair Mirabeau surpassed our high expectations in 2014 when his first foals arrived.  Bred to some of our best domestic and imported mares, Mirabeau's stamped each foal with his strong Welsh type, lovely way of going, and correct conformation.  They all had beautiful heads and Mirabeau's tippy little Welshie ears.  The colors were the icing on the cake.  Mirabeau carries the black gene.  He produced two smokey black fillies, one out of a black mare and one out of a chestnut.  In addition he produced two buckskins, one dark gold palomino, one cremello, and one perlino. 

We owe a huge thank you to Family Partners Welsh for letting us purchase this outstanding colt.  We have looked for the ultimate double dilute Section B colt and in Clanfair Mirabeau, we have found what we were looking for and more.  *Mynah Mystical is a lovely imported Royal Welsh Winner and Multiple Champion.  Clanfair Martina, a daughter of RWAS, LOM, and Multiple Supreme Champion *Wedderlie Mardi Gras, finished her LOM and is a Multi Supreme Champion, Champion under saddle and in harness.  Mirabeau has a wonderful trainable mind, very correct conformation, and the pedigree dreams are made of.   Click on Mirabeau's picture to visit his photo gallery.

2014 marked Mirabeau's first foal crop.  We are so very pleased with every one of the foals.  Color tested to carry the black gene, Mirabeau produced two smokey blacks, one cremello, one perlino, two buckskins, and one dark palomino in 2014.  Click here to see the 2014 foals.  His 2015 foals were just as nice with extraordinary conformation, movement, and of course color ~ one perlino, one cremello, one buckskin, and the rest all shades of palomino.  Click here to see the 2015 foals.

We used Mirabeau on some of our best mares in 2013 including Royal Welsh Winner *Bronhuelog Antonia, a full sister to Pony Finals Champion *Bronhuelog Armani, three of out RWAS *Wedderlie Maradonna daughters and many time halter Champion Morton's Camilia.  The result were amazing!  Mirabeau carries the black gene which made it possible for two of his foals to be smokey blacks, plus one perlino, one cremello,  two buckskins and one dark palomino. 

Clanfair Mirabeau *Mynach Mystical
Eyarth Beau Geste Boston Bentick
Eyarth Zsa Zsa
Mynach Mimosa Moelview Mohawk
Mynach Mayflower
Clanfair Martina *Wedderlie Mardi Gras Eyarth Beau Geste
Wedderlie Marianne
*Holyoake Sonique Holyoake Fire Sprite
Millcroft Rosette

Part of the excitement Clanfair Mirabeau brings to the table, in addition to the uniform quality of his foals, are the color possibilities!  He carries the black gene making smokey blacks a strong possibility when bred to chestnuts and blacks.  Click on the chart for a bigger view.


I doubt I have ever seen a more breath-taking foal.


Clanfair Mirabeau (2011) lg.jpg

Clanfair Mirabeau ~ the Ultimate Fantasy ~